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January 30, 2011

Free Function Point Analysis software: This post isn't too related to Alaska, except for my new domain name: Sleetmute is actually the name of a very small town in Alaska (see Sleetmute on Wikipedia), probably most famous for being about 200 miles from the fictional Cicely, Alaska in the tv series Northern Exposure. But for me, Sleetmute is something else: A free Function Point Analysis software tool.

If you're a software developer, and you're not familiar with Function Point Analysis (FPA), I wrote a Function Point Analysis tutorial several years ago. I was a Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) for several years, so based on this knowledge, I decided to create an FPA software tool. FWIW, this web application is based on an earlier GUI application I created and used while I was a CFPS; I named that software tool "FPTracker".

For more information on FPA, check out the International Function Points Users Group, or my free Function Point Analysis software tool at I also shared my slides from several FPA presentations at this link: My Function Point Analysis tutorials, slides, and presentations.

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