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Iron Dog racers reach Nome, Alaska

February 23, 2011

Iron Dog race update: The lead Iron Dog "snowmachine" racers have reached Nome, Alaska. The lead team of McKenna and VanMeter won $10,000 for being the first team to pull into Nome, and the second place team of Todd Palin and Quam pulled in a few minutes later to claim a $3,000 prize.

Just reading the story on the Fairbanks News-Miner website, this opening line was pretty funny:

"The lead pack of racers in the Iron Dog snowmachine are sticking together like the duct tape they put on their faces to fend off frostbite."

In one unusual thing, the teams won't leave Fairbanks until Thursday morning, when they'll start off to Fairbanks, Alaska for the final leg of their trip. I'm not sure why they stay in Nome this long, I need to read about that.

Here's a link to the story on the News-Miner website.

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