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Iron Dog race update: Eight teams out of thirty have scratched

February 23, 2011

Iron Dog race update #2: Lost in the earlier story is that eight out of the original thrity teams that started Alaska's 2011 Iron Dog race have scratched from the contest due to injuries or mechanical problems. I'm finding it hard to find news on the official Iron Dog website, but if you dig hard enough you can find information like this.

Sadly, their GPS tracking website sounded like it was going to be interesting, but it seems to be broke, or perhaps I just don't understand what it's supposed to be showing. Here's a link to their GPS website. If you can figure out what it's supposed to be showing, drop me a line so I can make sense of it.

Besides the teams that have scratched from the 2011 Iron Dog race, the other thing I've read is that the lead teams are averaging about 62 miles per hour, and the fastest recorded speed so far has been a whopping 88 mph. That's seriously fast for a snowmachine. I've ridden a motorcycle at 90 mph, and believe me, your heart is pounding at those speeds. You're completely exposed to the elements, and one mistake will leave you in the hospital, at best.

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