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Alaska winter pictures - Everything frozen in time

December 16, 2010

Alaska pictures: When I was driving back and forth to/from Anchorage, Alaska on Tuesday, I think my mouth was probably open in wonder for most of the trip, well, at least until the driving conditions became very bad and I had to focus more on the road. Until then I was just amazed at the views. The mountain ranges against pink and purple sky backgrounds were beautiful beyond any words or photographs I could take. And seeing all the land and the trees covered in a thick coating of ice and snow made me realize that this land truly is frozen in time right now; much of nature has just "stopped", waiting for winter to end so they can resume living again.

As I thought about all of this, I wished I had a co-pilot in the car, someone who could take pictures and video of everything around me so I could share it here. Before moving here I would never have thought to come to Alaska for a winter vacation, but if you don't mind bundling up for it properly -- and if you enjoy outdoor winter activities -- Alaska in the winter can be a truly beautiful experience as well.

This picture doesn't do much justice to what's happening here, but I hope it gives you some glimpse into how nature is frozen in time:

Wasilla, Alaska, in the middle of a deep freeze

I took this picture a week or two ago, and while our parking lot and the trees look very different today -- the tall tree on the right in this photo is now laying in our parking lot after the recent 80 mph winds, and the parking lot is a sheet of ice -- the trees on the left give you a little glimpse into what my drive back and forth to Anchorage looked like.

I have to say this: When I drive around here, I keep thinking of a phrase from the movie "V for Vendetta", when V says, "If you could see what I see...", it truly is majestic.

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