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Mac online backup solutions

July 27, 2010

I just updated a couple of articles on the devdaily website, and I thought I'd note them here.

These updates were inspired by a story from one of my neighbors yesterday. We were talking outside, enjoying the cool weather, and he told me that he used to live in an apartment complex in Palmer, Alaska. One night, just as he went to bed, there was a pounding on his door, and people yelling everywhere. His apartment complex was on fire.

He was on the second floor of the complex, and had a difficult time getting out of the complex. It was bad enough that his neighbor had to jump out of his window. The fire was started by an old man who had emphysema, and had the bright idea of trying to light a cigarette while hooked up to an oxygen machine.

Mac online backup solutions

Getting to my point ... if you happen to use Mac computer systems, and you have data on those systems (music, personal or work documents, movies, etc.) that you don't want to lose, you'll want to make sure you have a good Mac backup solution. In one article I offer a review of Mac online backup solutions., including Carbonite, ZumoDrive, and iDrive. In a separate article I look at as a Mac online backup solution.

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