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Wasilla restaurants - Best restaurants in Wasilla, Alaska

July 17, 2010

It's been a little while since my last post about Wasilla restaurants, and while I've had a stomach ailment that caused me to lose 30 pounds in six weeks, I keep asking locals what their favorite restaurant in Wasilla is, and Piccolinos and The Grape Tap are still mentioned more than all others.

Quite by accident I drove by Piccolinos last week, and I can tell you it's in the Shoprite shopping center on the north side of town, on the George Parks Highway. They serve Greek and Italian food, and now that my stomach is on the mend, I look forward to visiting there soon.

I should mention that Evangelos is the most prominent restaurant in town, but whenever I say "Evangelos", the locals say "Piccolinos", lol.

The Grape Tap is a tapas style restaurant, located in "downtown" Wasilla. (The phrase "downtown" is a bit of a joke, as Wasilla is little more than a series of strip malls.)

Best Mexican restaurant in Wasilla

While it may look like a fast-food restaurant, my favorite Mexican restaurant is Senor Taco, located in the Carrs shopping center. Their food is just excellent, and their salsa bar is also great. They have a unique business model where they look like a fast-food restaurant, but their food is excellent, and takes maybe 5-10 minutes for your food to arrive.

Another Mexican restaurant named Chepo's advertises that they have been named "Best in the Valley", but I don't know whose survey they're referring to, and I've never been there.

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