One Man's Alaska

Under the weather, but a great new digital SLR camera

June 10, 2010

Everything is quiet for me here in Wasilla, Alaska, as I took on a stomach virus in the last week, and actually spent yesterday afternoon at an immediate care clinic.

One cool thing, hopefully unrelated: There's a neat bagel place in town, I think it's named Alaska Bagels. I think it's a little chain, with other locations here and in Anchorage.

In sad news, the local Apple/Mac store closed. I just went there 3-4 weeks ago to pick up a copy of Apple's latest operating system, and upgrade for my iMac, but when I went past the store a few days ago, I saw the "Closed" sign. This is not one of the Apple-owned stores, but one of the local Apple/Mac stores you see from time to time.

A cool new digital SLR camera

In other cool news, I bought a nice camera, and it arrived in the mail today. I guess I should say that I don't know how great it is compared to other cameras, but it is easily the nicest camera I've ever owned. It's a Pentax K-x, as shown on this Amazon link:

It comes with one nice standard lens, and now I need to learn about lenses, and then find some nice telephoto lenses I can use with it.

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