One Man's Alaska

Parking lot cleaning day

April 27, 2010

Today is "apartment complex parking lot cleaning day". That may not make sense to anyone in the Lower-48, but what it means here is "Move your car out of the parking lot so we can have the cleaning crew come in and remove all the gravel that we poured on the parking lot before the start of the winter".

In Alaska and Canada, they don't seem to use salt on the roads. Instead, depending on where you are, they pour gravel on the roads to help with the traction. In some areas, like here, the gravel is really just a lot of small rocks and dirt/dust, and in other areas, like Canada, the mixture seems to be much darker, like the gravel you'll see on a high school or college running track.

I just took some pictures of the parking lot before the cleaning, and I'll take some more pictures after the cleaning, so you can see what this looks like. Stay tuned ...

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