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Wasilla, Alaska sunlight - 17 hours per day, and climbing

April 20, 2010

Woot! Today we pass the "17 hours of sunlight" barrier here in Wasilla, Alaska, and next up is 18 hours of sunlight, which we should hit eleven days from now (May 1, 2010).

Whoops, what's that? We're really only at 16 hours and 59 minutes, and some extra seconds of sunlight today? Oh well, that's close enough for me. I can barely sleep here as it is, lol.

We were gaining five minutes and fifty seconds of sunlight every day here in Wasilla, but it looks like we're slowing down to gain five minutes and 48 seconds of sunlight every day now.

Sunlight in Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay (Deadhorse), Alaska

Wow, Fairbanks, Alaska -- about 300 miles north of Wasilla -- is already getting 17 hours and 50 minutes of sunlight per day, and they're gaining six minutes and fify-five seconds per day!

The Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay, at the top of the Dalton Highway) area is already at 20 hours and 15 minutes of sunlight, and they're gaining 10 minutes of sunlight every day. Of course their high temperatures are only about 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit, but that sure is a lot of sunlight!

(By contrast, a town like Louisville, Kentucky is currently getting 14 hours and 19 minutes of sunlight per day, and is gaining two minutes and 18 seconds each day.)

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