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Bike riding across Canada and Alaska

March 21, 2009

As I read a story about Lance Armstrong working on his comeback in Italy this morning, I'm reminded of the bicycle riders I used to see in Alaska and Canada. Back in May of 2007 I'd be driving down some rural road, see a couple of bike riders, wave as I passed them by, and then anywhere between 1-5 minutes later I'd see a bear on the side of the road. I always wondered what became of those bike riders? Did they really become "Meals on wheels" for the bears, or did they just wave and ride on by?

After reading the Lance Armstrong story this morning, I'm reminded that when I left Alaska at the end of 2007, this had become my idea of a great vacation -- spending my days riding my bike across the countryside in Alaska and maybe Canada. Sure, it would take a *lot* longer to get anywhere, but it could be very relaxing, great exercise, and a great time.

By the time I left Talkeetna at the end 2007, I could easily ride 20-30 miles on my hybrid bicycle on consecutive days --steep hills included -- so I think this is something that can still be in my future.

Right now it's just a dream ... but I can see the steps that are needed to get from Point A to Point B. :)

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