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Talkeetna Moose Drop Festival parade

July 14, 2007

The Talkeetna Moose Dropping Festival parade just finished. Hundreds of people lined the streets street to watch it. Highlights included the VFW gentlemen that started it, followed by the bagpipe players (my personal favorite; they could have played for a while). After that I think the lady on the bicycle being pulled by the sled dog was next best, followed by the hound dog barking out the side window of an SUV.

Last but not least, there is a local "Red Hat club", consisting of, what's the PC term -- mature(?) (slightly older) women -- wearing large red plastic smiling lips. Most exhibits sat on trailers, but other people walked or rode their ATVs. Oops, and one other gentleman rode a very tall (10 feet maybe) two-wheel bike.

Talkeetna is transformed, as the small park area is covered in temporary tents, with vendors selling all sorts of Alaskan ware. Tonight's agenda looks extremely interesting, with the poop drop at the VFW at 6p.m., followed by live music at 7p.m. and another band at 9:30p.m. playing at the Fairview. The little town is rocking.

(A quick followup: the bagpipe band is the Anchorage Scottish Pipe Band, and they'll be playing again later today, so I can get my fill then. I'm going to get a little afternoon nap in now and stay up late and take in all the music I can.)

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