One Man's Alaska

About the electricity ...

July 10, 2007

When you live in the Lower 48 you tend to take certain things for granted, including things like, I don't know ... electricity(!).

Here in Talkeetna the power goes out on average three times a week, some times for a few minutes, but the last two Monday's it's gone out for 3+ hours each day. I talked to a guy at the post office today, and he mentioned that most businesses have generators ... and now I know why there is a generator in the crawlspace under the house.

The power outages are wreaking havoc on the computer systems, so I think I'll order a UPS. After Monday's outage I had to re-program the router I use to connect to the internet.

Losing power in the winter isn't going to cut it in this house. Everything runs on electricity, including the heating unit. The unit burns oil, but it also requires electricity to run.

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