One Man's Alaska

Screw the computer

September 6, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I wasn't feeling well, and laid down for a short nap. When I woke up, I made a cup of coffee, then tried to turn on my six-month old MacBook Air, only to find it was dead. Technically I got the spinning beachball of death, and then found it was completely dead when I tried to reboot it. In short, the computer no longer thinks it has a hard drive (or in this case, a solid state disk drive).

I tried everything I know to bring it back to life (all sorts of Mac boot-up tricks), but today I'll take it to the MacHaus in Wasilla, or the new Apple Store in Anchorage. I know the MacBook comes with a one year warranty, so hopefully "premature death" is covered by the warranty.

I was pretty upset about all of this until just a little while ago. I went for a walk, and was soon joined by my favorite stray dog here in Palmer, Alaska. I'm not positive, but at one point I think she said something like, "Screw the computer, let's find some bones!"

(It's all a matter of perspective.)

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