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Wasilla, Alaska weather

July 17, 2010

As I wrote earlier today, it does rain a lot here in Wasilla, Alaska. After writing that, I decided to do a little research, and went back to one of my favorite city-related websites,

To give you an idea of how much it rains in Wasilla, or at least how cloudy it is in Wasilla, here are images from several different city pages, including Wasilla, Alaska; Boulder, Colorado; and Louisville, Kentucky:

Wasilla, Alaska cloudy days:
Wasilla, Alaska cloudy days

Boulder, Colorado cloudy days:
Boulder, Coloraado cloudy days

Louisville, Kentucky cloudy days:
Louisville, Kentucky cloudy days

As you can see, you'll get many more "sunny days" in Boulder or Louisville than you will in Wasilla.

More Wasilla, Alaska weather information

I'm not going to include comparisons here (at least not for now), but here are some more great images from the City Data website that show other Wasilla weather information.

It's currently mid-July, but it's interesting to note on this first figure that we'll end July with an average temperature of about 58 degrees; end August with an average of 50 degrees; and end September with an average of 40 degrees. It goes back down just as quick as it went up!

Wasilla, Alaska average temperatures

Wasilla, Alaska humidity
(Louisville humidity is over 85%; Boulder is about 65%.)

Wasilla, Alaska rain precipitation
(Louisville averages about four inches of precipitation per month; Boulder only about two inches.)

Wasilla, Alaska wind speed

I hope this gives you a little idea of what the weather in Wasilla is like. As one final note, please bear in mind that we get over 20 hours of visible sunlight during the summer, so a day can easily start off with pouring rain, and end up with ten hours of sun, temperatures in the 60s or 70s, with low humidity.

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