One Man's Alaska

Photos from Talkeetna, Alaska

June 27, 2010

This is a little unusual, but I've posted some photographs from Talkeetna, Alaska on one of my other sites, in this article about Pentax K-x camera sample photos.

I was going to post them here also, but a friend of mine warns me that Google doesn't like it when you post duplicate content, so I'm trying to abide by that warning.

A cool thing about those photos (taken with my shiny new Pentax K-x camera) is that I've included small versions of them along with monster-size originals. The Pentax K-x camera is pretty amazing, and the original size photos are 6 megabytes in size, and 4,288 pixels wide by 2,848 pixels tall. Put another way, they're over twice as wide as my 24" iMac monitor can display.

(Here's a link to the Pentax K-x 12.4 MP Digital SLR on Amazon.)

In the future I'll get back to normal and post my Alaska photos over here, but because I was trying to show the capabilities of the Pentax K-x, I decided to include them on that website today.

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