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Man dies in Fairbanks from exposure (cold weather)

April 12, 2010

I just read where a man in Fairbanks died from apparent exposure (cold weather). There are a lot of ways to die in Alaska -- eaten by a bear, kicked by a moose, earthquake, avalanche, flying off an icy road and down the side of a mountain all come to mind -- but I would hate to freeze to death, or even to get frostbite.

The few times my fingers or toes have ever gotten very cold like that and then had to warm up, I always thought both the freezing and subsequent warmup experience was very painful.

As the article I linked to mentions, winter officially ended last month, but Fairbanks just had a big blast of icy cold weather this week. The article also mentions that this is Fairbanks' first apparent death from cold weather in over a year.

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