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You know you're from Talkeetna when ...

December 14, 2008

I learned last week that I have a Facebook account, so out of curiosity I logged in (after having the password changed so I could log in), and then poked around. After a little while I started doing searches on Talkeetna, and then I found a wonderful post by my ex-landlord (Mike -- the landlord who I actually never met -- and his wife, Mindy) titled "You know you're from Talkeetna when ..."

I don't want to plagiarize his writing, but for those of you who live in Talkeetna or have maybe visited Talkeetna, I would like to share several items that really stood out for me.

So, you know you’re from Talkeetna when ...

I remember when I first moved to the area and heard it had a "Y". Like most people in the Lower 48, I assumed this meant there was a YMCA nearby, and I was looking forward to having a place where I could work out on the bad weather days, or maybe swimming in a pool. Boy, was I mistaken. :)

For the rest of the list, you'll have to get yourself a Facebook account, log in, and look for this list. If you're from the area, the whole list is great.

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