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Pictures from Downtown Anchorage, Alaska

September 28, 2008

Anchorage, Alaska pictures: Fog hung around until almost 11 a.m. today, and after that I just walked around downtown Anchorage for a while this morning. There are lots of cool sites if you happen to be a first time tourist, or even a seasoned tourist spending his last day in Anchorage this year.

Hmm, let's start with the fog:

Fog in Anchorage, AK

Then there's the bear statue:

Bear statue in Anchorage

Next, the flowers outside the Anchorage Welcome Center:

Flowers outside the Anchorage Welcome Center

There's this statue outside one of the gift shops:

Native Indian statue in Anchorage, AK

And finally, there's this sign outside the Welcome Center showing the distances to various places in the world: Distances sign outside the Anchorage Welcome Center

I hope you've enjoyed these Anchorage, Alaska pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. I also hope you'll consider visiting Anchorage and Alaska on your next vacation.

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