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Where to live?

May 23, 2007

It turns out that Anchorage is mostly an older city, with old apartments, and inconsistent neighborhoods (one "good" block, right next to a "scary" block). If you're in the wrong place there's also the international airport, which can be loud. In general it's a lot like a regular city, bit it seems a little dirty, maybe just beat up from the long winters.

Sometime during the day I became a man divided against himself, and the question that was gnawing at me was this: Have I spent almost 4% of this year driving 5,400 miles to live in an old apartment in a regular city?

The answer: No, not if I can find something else.

So, I'm going to spend this evening trying to find a house to rent either in Eagle River, which is a smaller town 12 miles northeast of Anchorage, or take a deeper plunge and look at Seward, which is a small town south from here that I've been to twice before (a lot closer to the size of Cicely, AK :).

If I can't find something "out there" then I'll come back here, but I'd rather not do that.

Hmph, I guess that decision is already made.

In other news I thought I'd include a picture of my car after the 5,400 mile trip. I actually washed it once when I was back in the lower 48, but you sure can't tell that now. There are a lot of dirt and gravel roads in Canada and Alaska.

My Toyota RAV4 after the 5,400 mile trek to Alaska

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