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Alaska photos, and resting in Anchorage after the trip

May 22, 2007

Alaska photos: Resting comfortably in a hotel in Anchorage, Alaska now, I thought I'd share a few pictures from the last day's travel before I get into house-hunting mode.

The first picture is of an incredible mountain range that I ran into during the drive in northern Alaska:

Very cool mountain range

Here's another picture from that same area:

Second mountain picture

I could have sat in that area and taken pictures for hours on end.

Then there was this picture a guided tour through the Alaska mountain roads:

Following a construction lead vehicle

Then there's the rubber Alaska roads that you have to drive on up here:

The rubber roads that you have to drive on to get here

I asked a woman at the construction site why the roads are like this, and she said the problem was due to "frost heaving". I guess the ice and frost in the wintertime get in (or under) the road and cause these problems.

It certainly makes for fun driving, kinda keeping you awake. :) But I wouldn't want to be driving one of those RVs. They have to take the roads much slower than I did.

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