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Anchorage, Alaska pictures over time

May 24, 2007

Anchorage, Alaska pictures: I'm not a very good night-time picture-taker yet, but over the last two nights I've taken pictures out the 6th-floor hotel window at 8, 9, 10, 11pm, and midnight.

Here's the first picture taken from my Anchorage, Alaska hotel room, at 8pm:

Picture at 8pm

Here's the next one at 9pm:

Picture at 9pm

And now 10pm:

Picture at 10pm

At 11pm the sun was setting, to the right of this picture, and it was incredibly beautiful, and lighter than this. Unfortunately my picture doesn't do it justice.

Picture at 11pm


Picture at midnight

I didn't do a good job on the midnight one -- it's really lighter out than what this picture shows.

By 1am it was really pretty dark, but by then gravity had me glued to the bed (kinda like "It's dark, how interesting. Zzzz..."), so no picture there. It was definitely bright here at 4:30 this morning, maybe earlier.

I hope you've enjoyed these Anchorage, Alaska pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. :)

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