One Man's Alaska

Young ATV driver

July 16, 2007

One of the more surreal "only in Alaska" things I see here is a young boy, less than 10 years old, driving an ATV around Talkeetna. I usually see him about every third day. I'll be walking along the side of the road as he rides by, usually with a younger girl on the seat behind him. As he's driving by he's always real nice and smiles and waves. He looks like a kid from a commercial on tv, but I can't think of what commercial it is.

It's crazy, but it seems like a very natural thing here, and then I try to imagine that in Louisville or any other city I've ever lived in and just laugh. A lot of people drive ATV's around here, but from what I've seen he's the youngest driving on the streets by 3-5 years.

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