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Pictures from the Talkeetna Moose Festival

July 17, 2007

As much as anything the Talkeetna Moose Dropping Festival is a big music celebration, with two days of music from Alaskan performers. One of my favorites was Melissa Mitchell, shown here:

Melissa Mitchell playing at the Talkeetna Moose Festival

And yes, the dude is playing his tie. (You had to be there.)

I'm not too much into pictures of crowds, but here's one to give you a little idea of how crowded the little town was this weekend:

Crowd of people at the Talkeetna Moose Festival 2007

Wow, I've never seen Talkeetna this crowded, and I hope I never do again. The festival was generally fun, but there was one or two drunks in the crowd by the music that were making a scene. There really needs to be some law enforcement here for this event.

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