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Email about a cabin rental in Talkeetna

May 26, 2007

craigslist seems like the best way to find a rental up here. There were a lot of ads for rentals in Anchorage, and I just saw an ad for a nice-looking in cabin in Talkeetna. With rental options scarce I sent them an email asap.

Here's my message to them:

I just saw your ad for the cabin in Talkeetna on craigslist. Is there any type of internet access available in the area? If so, this sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.

Here's the reply (from the current renter's who placed the ad):

Yes, there is Internet. We pay $65.00 a month for DSL service with speeds up to 768 kbps upload and download. You can pay less for slow speeds, or get dialup if you're not worried about the speed.

Do you know when you would need to move in? We need to stay until the end of June, so this won't be ready until July 1st.

(Sigh) This isn't getting any easier.

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