One Man's Alaska

The drive back from Talkeetna

October 24, 2010

(Notes taken from my voice recorder.) Driving back to Wasilla from Talkeetna (and my stay at the Talkeetna Roadhouse) early this morning, I've encountered one other car on the fourteen mile stretch of road known as the Talkeetna Spur Road. Although there's no snow on the ground here, it's a chilly 26 degrees Fahrenheit, and the small ponds on the side of the road are covered in a thin sheet of ice.

Driving on the Parks Highway back to Wasilla, it's neat to see the smoke slowly rising from the chimneys of the few homes off the sides of the road. Again there are very few cars on the road, and the song "Life in a Northern Town" comes to mind.

Into the Wilderness

They're going to be showing the film Into the Wilderness at the Talkeetna "theater" in mid-November, and I hope to come back then to watch it. That film is about a young man who came to Alaska to try to live in the wilderness, just north of Denali, and well, I won't say anything more about it here, other than to say that Talkeetna seems like a wonderful place to watch it. Oh, and the Talkeetna theater is really the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar, a small facility that actually has upper-level stadium seating. I saw a band play there live in 2007, and the local school offers plays there as well.

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