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Great Northern Exposure website

May 9, 2010

While looking for some information on Marcel Proust, I stumbled onto a wonderful Northern Exposure website. If you loved the Northern Exposure television show, this is a great website to bookmark. I really like how they have organized some of the information, including "facts" from each show. The idea of categorizing Ed's t-shirts, and making note of the films he references, are also great ideas.

I just dug a little deeper, and found this Northern Exposure webring. If you ever want a link from me, just set up a good Northern Exposure website, and I'll be glad to link to you!

P.S. -- I've been to the Northern Exposure gift store in Roslyn, Washington several times. It's set up in Dr. Fleischman's office, and the people that own the store are just wonderful. I don't remember their names at the moment, but I have their business card in the other room. If you ever go there, plan to spend some time talking to them. They can tell you some wonderful stories. Also, make sure you look at their visitor's book, which shows how many people have come from around the world to visit their town and store.

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