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A video of Denali, from the Talkeetna river

September 24, 2007

Here's a quick video of the Denali mountain range, as seen from alongside the river(s) in Talkeetna:

The Denali range, from Talkeetna

I only have a few days left here, so it's a real treat being able to see the full range at least one more time before I go.

So many people come to Alaska and never see the range, and wonder what the big deal is about. I remember earlier this summer when I didn't have any electricity. I went and sat at the Talkeetna Lodge, looking out one of the large picture windows at the area where Denali is located, but it was very cloudy, and you couldn't see a thing. A severely stressed-out woman from the Lower 48 walked her kids up to the picture window, said "There's Denali, are you happy? What's the big deal anyway?", and walked the kids away, apparently off to their next five-second view of nature from behind a window.

I thought about saying something to them, but I didn't feel much like talking to people back then, and that lady was way beyond my help.

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