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Preliminary Talkeetna info

June 1, 2007

After telling a friend about my decision to live in Talkeetna he sent this email message:

The Dancing Bears Wild Alaskan Grill doesn't sound too bad:

"Enjoy authentic Alaskan food on our burlwood deck. Noted for the only place in Alaska serving fiddlehead ferns and the best salmon from Barrow to Juneau. Also halibut, chowder, reindeer, musk ox, beer, wine and more. Open daily."

Okay, out of that list I've had halibut and wine before. Beyond that the Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce has a good web site with a ton of local information, including a calendar, photo gallery, historical information, and a discussion of the town as a "base camp" for Denali mountain climbers.

There's some more info on the town on this Road Trip America page. Between this adventure and the stop in Roslyn, WA, it seems like Northern Exposure is following me, or vice-versa. The Moose Dropping Festival sounds like a good time, I'll be first in line for that one. :)

It will just be good to have a home and end this rental saga. Everything I packed has been in my car since May 8th, and I look forward to seeing what's in there, what I thought was important then.

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