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Talkeetna, Alaska travel information

May 16, 2009

Talkeetna, Alaska Travel Information

Talkeetna, Alaska is a small town in rural Alaska, with a population of roughly 800 people. It's a place where I lived in 2007, and I still frequent as often as I can. Talkeetna is located about 70 minutes north of Wasilla, two hours north of Anchorage, and about three hours south of Denali.

Talkeetna is known for being a base camp for all the climbers who want to climb Denali, and a famous Talkeetna bumper sticker describes the town as "A quaint little drinking village with a climbing problem". For regular folks (non mountain climbers) and tourists like me, Talkeetna is a cute little Alaska town where you might just see some moose, and if the weather permits, you can charter an excellent flight tour around Denali.

You can see where Talkeetna is located on this map, courtesy of Google Maps:

Location of Talkeetna, Alaska on map of Alaska

As you can see, Talkeetna is north of Anchorage, Alaska by about two hours, and is south of Denali State Park and Denali National Park (not shown) by about three hours.

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