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Yoga in Talkeetna, Alaska

September 19, 2010

Looking for yoga classes/studios in Talkeetna, Alaska? I lived in Talkeetna in 2007, and now live just down the road in Wasilla, and here's what I know about Talkeetna yoga classes.

Studio Z Yoga

Yoga choices in Talkeetna, Alaska are pretty easy. Whether you see local ads for "Yoga in a hut", "Yoga in a yurt", or something similar, they all point to Studio Z Yoga and Diane Ziegner. I've never met Ms. Ziegner, but I do know that she's been teaching yoga since 1999.

You can find Studio Z Yoga in Talkeetna about four miles from downtown Talkeetna on Pow Wow Trail.

You might run into a few people that offer yoga retreats in Talkeetna every now and again, but if you're looking for a regular yoga studio to work with on a regular basis, Studio Z is your choice in Talkeetna. :)

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