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Paragliding in Hatcher Pass, Alaska

July 14, 2011

Here's a 90-second video of a paraglider doing his thing in Hatcher Pass:

Unfortunately I only had my phone with me, and quickly ran out of storage space.

The paragliders took turns running/jumping off the mountain area to my left, which is right next to Summit Lake. They landed in the brown and red area down by the road, were picked up by a truck, and kept doing that for a while, taking turns.

As you can hear, there was a fair amount of wind, and each glider sailed for several minutes, maybe five minutes, tops. I may have to add this to my "bucket list" ... I'd love to give it a try, though I'm more of a "distance" person, and I'd love to go as far down that road straight in front of us as I could.

As you can also see from this video, there isn't much traffic on Hatcher Pass, which also makes it an excellent place to visit while you're up here.

If you've never heard of paragliding (I kept referring to it as "parasailing"), here's a link to paragliding on Wikipedia.

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